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When someone in need of treatment for a mental health disorder looks at their options, they may not initially know what type of therapy is right for them. In fact, many people don’t know just how many types of therapy are available that can help ease their symptoms and help them begin to heal. Montare at the Canyon believes in providing a combination of traditional and modern services for our clients in Los Angeles, California. When someone participates in more than one type of therapy, they increase their ability to feel better and learn how to manage their own mental health.

Mental Health Services We Offer Here in Los Angeles, CA

One of the keys to why Montare at the Canyon is so successful at treating mental illness is the fact that we provide a wide variety of services for treating mental health disorders here in Los Angeles. Our staff understands that someone in need of quality care for poor mental health should have access to several kinds of therapy. Each person we treat will be matched with a combination of therapy modalities that address their unique needs. The types of therapy we offer include:


People learn to identify their negative emotions, thoughts, and behaviors and change them to positive ones.


This teaches people to regulate their emotions and engage in healthy coping skills.


A therapist uses directed eye movements to help relieve symptoms of PTSD and trauma.


Activities that embrace the concept that healing must happen on all levels, including a person’s body, mind, and spirit.


One-on-one meetings with a therapist that provides a private outlet for discussing emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.


A therapist leads a small group of people with similar symptoms, which creates the ability to engage in valuable peer support.


A therapist leads a family to help foster improved communication and an ability to help their loved ones heal.


TMS uses electromagnetic pulsing through coils to help stimulate the brain and reduce symptoms of depression and mood swings.


A non-invasive study of a person’s brain activity when exposed to specific stimuli that helps alter their reactions.

Benefits of Our Services for Treating Mental Health

Anyone looking to begin mental health treatment services wants to know they are getting as many benefits as possible. For some people, just knowing what illness they have provides comfort. We provide a thorough assessment of each person when they arrive so we know their exact diagnosis. This allows us to match them with the right types of therapy that will provide the biggest benefits for them. Each type of therapy is led by a skilled mental health expert who uses their training and experience to guide people to a place of healing. Both individual and group therapy provide a safe space for people to talk openly about their feelings, behaviors, and goals for treatment.

People who complete a focused treatment program for mental illness typically find they feel better both emotionally and physically. They graduate from our program with the ability to face upcoming challenges with healthy coping skills in place. We help people from all walks of life, including veterans, professionals, and first responders.

Finally, we provide access to valuable prescription medications at all levels of our programs. The right kind of FDA-approved med can make a world of difference in a person’s symptoms and make it easier to concentrate on their therapy. We monitor each person for how they react to their medication and make any needed adjustments to the dosage or type of drug.

Contact Montare at the Canyon About Our Mental Health Services and Therapies in Los Angeles, CA

Do you struggle with poor mental health or know someone who does and want to discuss your options? Montare at the Canyon offers many different mental health services here in Los Angeles, CA that help people from diverse backgrounds improve their lives. We employ a staff of compassionate professionals who use their experience and skills to make a difference in your life. We also offer access to prescription medications that can ease many symptoms of mental illness.

Visit our admissions page now and find out how easy it is to find the right treatment plan for you. We are happy to talk to you about your needs and help you begin the admissions process.