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One of the most important things a person can have in their life is good mental health. When they develop a mental health disorder, finding the right program for them becomes a top priority. Montare at the Canyon offers mental health treatment near Los Angeles, in Malibu, California, that combines tried and true therapeutic options with up-to-date approaches. As a result, people who come to us for help improving their mental health receive the best care possible. Our staff of experienced therapists helps people discover the power they have to improve their symptoms. In addition, we offer access to several prescription medications that allow people to feel better and focus on their treatment goals.

Purpose of Mental Health Treatment

The purpose of mental health treatment is twofold. The first is to treat the person for the condition and symptoms they currently have while they attend treatment sessions. Therapists and other mental health professionals provide an exact diagnosis of the mental illness and help stabilize and improve the symptoms as much as possible. This supports the second goal of mental health treatment, which is to prepare the person to continue to take care of themselves after treatment concludes. This can mean avoiding relapsing into an illness they have overcome, such as an anxiety disorder. It can also mean staying on top of the symptoms and situations that happen when a mental illness is not curable, such as bipolar disorder.

What We Treat at Our Mental Health Treatment Center in Los Angeles, California


Anxiety disorders cause a person to feel overwhelming amounts of stress and panic that they cannot control.

Mood Disorders

These cause a person to have distorted reactions and feelings and be unable to regulate their moods.


Experiencing a traumatic life event causes a person to withdraw from the world and fear being re-traumatized.


Obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors that cannot be controlled and cause a person to engage in rigid habits.

Dual Diagnosis

The presence of both a mental health disorder and an addiction to drugs or alcohol at the same time.

Bipolar Disorder

Cycling through uncontrollable mood swings ranging from mania to depression on a regular basis.

Borderline Personality Disorder

This causes unstable emotions and mood swings because of a distorted view of the world.


This impacts the ability to think, feel, communicate, and behave rationally and often causes hallucinations.

Benefits of Attending Mental Health Treatment at Montare at the Canyon Near Los Angeles

Regardless of what level of care a person needs for their mental health, they can find it within our programs. We help people who only need a minimum of outpatient appointments per week all the way to those who can benefit most from joining our residential facility for round-the-clock care. The levels of care we provide include:

  • Outpatient Program (OP)
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)
  • Residential


Another benefit is our specialized treatment available for professionals and first responders. Everyone we treat has access to several types of therapies. We also consult with them to determine any need for prescription medications to help minimize their symptoms.

Benefits of Traveling for Treatment 

While a person searching for a mental health facility often looks in their immediate area, there are benefits to traveling for treatment. A person’s mental health can be negatively impacted when they continue to be exposed to stressors in their homes and toxic relationships. Moving to a residential facility or living temporarily out of town while attending outpatient treatment can make a world of difference. A change of scenery can be healing. As well, living in a safe, insulated new location where healing is the focus can really jumpstart someone’s ability to begin to heal. 

Our Location in Malibu, California

Montare at the Canyon is located in a beautiful part of Southern California. We designed our facility to feel like a calm, serene home. We provide modern furnishings that populate a beautifully decorated facility. Our luxurious amenities include a private chef and a swimming pool. Each person who stays with us has access to common areas where they can build bonds with others as well as beautiful private areas to unwind.

Start Mental Health Treatment in Los Angeles, CA, at Montare at the Canyon

Do you have a mental health disorder and want to find the most effective treatment available? Montare at the Canyon provides world-class mental health treatment in Los Angeles that changes lives. We offer residential care and outpatient care to help meet the needs of a diverse population of people. Our facility is set in a scenic part of the state and is designed to offer each person a serene environment where they can work on improving their mental health.

Contact us today and find out how we can help you set and meet your treatment goals and feel better.